What is Hyperkeratosis

Siberian Husky TipsAccording to vets, this is a Zinc deficiency that is rather common among Huskies. A dog’s paw pads tend to go unnoticed but they’re one of your pet’s most important physical features. They’re built tough, but there are certain conditions such as paw pad hyperkeratosis can cause paw pads to be painful.

When you break down the word “hyperkeratosis,” it’s not hard to figure out what it means. The prefix “hyper” refers to overstimulation, and “keratosis” comes from the word “keratin.” Keratin is a type of fibrous protein used as one of the main ingredients in hair, claws, and the outer layer of skin. Dogs naturally produce their own supply of keratin, but hyperkeratosis means they produce much more than they need.

Zinc deficiency can lead to skin problems, specifically hair loss, scaliness and flakiness which is often oriented around the face and eyes, and external body openings.

Siberians are one breed where this problem is prevalent. The disease seems to respond well to supplements. Pure Zinc supplements are not necessary, especially since they cause vomiting. Multivitamins that contain Zinc and CBD oil for dogs can be used. Treatment should continue for a few months until hair re-growth and until the skin returns to normal, then a maintenance dose is likely to be needed.


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