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South Florida Siberian Husky RescueIN MEMORY OF ATHENA:
Athena was only 8 years old when she passed on because of a deadly cancer. Her 'mom' thought of her as a kindred spirit, stoic and independent to a fault. Athena never showed pain in her last months - never wanted to bring attention to herself or 'disappoint' her mom. She recently went to NY with mom on vacation and hid her pending disaster from everyone who was around her that week. Pictures taken in NY indicated she was very happy to be on vacation and in a cool climate to boot. It wasn't until Athena returned home with mom from NY that she started to demonstrate strange symptoms. She died 3 weeks after life saving surgery to remove a lung tumor failed....the tumor came back quickly and with a vengeance. Even right before her death she rallied for a brief time - her eyes glistened, she lifted her head to howl, and she danced like a bear for her treats and the fresh tuna fish her mom's nephew caught for her.

Athena was an obedience CD, a pet therapy dog, a sleddog and a loving companion. In her short life she also delighted children in schools, special needs children's events and classes, and hospitals, soothed the minds of many elderly and incapacitated young people living in assisted living and nursing homes, and impressed the general public at all the fairs, parades and educational stints she did with the Siberian Husky Rescue of Fl. Inc and the Siberian Husky Club of Tampa Bay Inc. One particularly fond memory mom has of Athena, which also demonstrates that innate sibe determination and resolve, involves a sled event. Three years ago, the sibe club sled was used in a lengthy parade - the sled being pulled by an 8 to 10 dog team. Several of the young dogs on the team dropped out early because they weren't comfortable with the slow pace of a parade. That left Athena, her then elderly dad, Zeus, and only one or two of the youngsters on the sled to proceed at a nice trot to the end of the parade route. Prissy Athena always preferred trotting, as it was more dignified than running, and she had the persistence to finish....even if the youngsters weren't willing to help her do it.

Athena taught her mom alot about life - even though mom could never dream of living up to the expectations that Athena lived up to.


A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free 1-800-435-7352. Florida State Registration number is #CH12548. 100% of each contribution received by SFSHR, Inc. goes towards the care and placement of the rescue dogs in our care.
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